As the voice and lively dance, poetry is to the greatest possible authenticity in order to give a deeper meaning to living.

Poetry is memory of the origins of Creation, through constant attention to all life (human, animal, plant, mineral).

Poetry is not only an artistic practice but also a lifestyle; is life in all its components. This is for the poet to combat social hypocrisy, time cloisonné dummy relationships, love calibrated on the Procrustean bed of natural and imitative instincts! Where is the profound inferiority which many souls were private, centuries after centuries? Where is the Other (human, animal), where his face? Living in poetry is refusing to sacrifice his neighbor on the altar of indifference and destructive anthropocentrism!

Too often despised, abused, ridiculed, even in magazines and advertising, the wife (Lilith) is in the eyes of the poet, which appoints it happen ... It is the initiator of a true romance, relationship advice, steeped in common magical thinking shamans, children, animals, fairies, elves, wind, rivers, forests, etc.

The poet seeks to give evidence day after day, that another world is possible, woven of innocence, trust, warmth, self-giving. The woman is one who embodies the highest point this Eden wished to every creature (after centuries of infamy: war, misery, disease, pollution ...). This is for not enough listened to the shocking mysteries embodied by the woman - its rich universe of infinite maze - that "we" have prevented the emergence of a Paradise on Earth. Woman suggests the poet beauty of pure love can heal the wounds of the missing people, allowing them to believe against all odds, in a better world. For them as for the poet: every word, every gesture (and choice) Women are always a balm to the heart. By its dazzling presence in "this" life, the woman dealing with a break up, transcends all reality, reducing death to a single pass on the Other Shore. Both its spiritual and carnal energy (constantly updated), Woman gives all powers to the poet to say things by working to detect the mysteries of everyday life. Woman is forever a Muse-hitting (or alibi or stooges), but with a great elegance of soul which is grace; showing to all - including "his" new Orpheus - the way to Canaan.

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